Got art?

Have you met Grant? He’s sorta famous. It’s true. I mean, not like Jonas Brothers famous, but he does have his own little group of fans. You can’t quite put your finger on his star quality when you meet him, but you know it’s there. And you can’t help but love his art.

But what I think is so special about him is the passion he has for his drawing. At the age of four, he figured out that art was his thing. It makes him happy. He does it every single day, no matter what. It doesn’t matter that he rocks at it. Whatever. He could care less what we all think of it. All that he knows is he simply must draw, just like he must breathe, and just like he must eat goldfish crackers everyday for lunch.

And you can’t help admire how he owns this passion of his. If he wants to draw a lion, that is what he is going to draw. The first child psychologist to evaluate him found this out firsthand. Grant was almost 6, and the psychologist was attempting to find out his IQ so that they could determine what special services he would need in kindergarten. The test was a bit of challenge, as Grant was not really in the mood to be evaluated that day. If I recall, he was much more in the mood for pudding. That said, Jim did the best he could. I believe he ended up assigning an IQ of about 70 to Grant. Which makes him mildly to moderately mentally handicapped.

This number is sorta useless, however. That much was clear when we found him ordering DVDs from Amazon (after enabling one-click checkout). But back to poor Jim. At the case conference that year, he showed us the test results. Poor guy, he couldn’t even get Grant to copy a circle. Of course, then the speech therapist whipped out what could only be described as a landscape that he had done that morning. Jim had the good grace to snicker.

So what the hell is my point here? I do have one, I promise. And that is this. Grant’s lucky. Don’t get me wrong, the whole autism, seizure disorder, leukemia stuff undoubtedly blows. But despite all of those roadblocks, he loves his life. Everyday. And he does what he loves. Everyday. And he gets up in the morning happy. Everyday. And he finds art where the rest of can’t always see it.

In just one afternoon, he drew enough pictures to fill up our living room walls. They were covered with art. Just like his little 10-year-old soul.

So my question is this: where’s your art? I say you learn from the kid with the IQ of 70. Find what makes you happy and scotch tape it all over your soul.

And now, just for fun, a little photo collection.


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