Garage sale fun

So, this mom in a crap sandwich is doing a totally crappy job of keeping up her blog. Which totally sucks, because I actually really love to blog. Sadly, the crap that comes along in everyday life sometimes gets in the way of the crap that we love. Which is, well, crappy.

So my pledge to you is to write more crap. Even if it’s short crap. Or meaningless crap. Or not even good enough to be crap. So stop emailing me and facebook messaging me. I hear you. Someone will be with you shortly.

In light of this new pledge, here is a little fun to share. I found a headboard for Lily’s room at a garage sale for cheap. I fixed it up with a little sandpaper and spray paint and … check it out! And be warned, I am obssed with spray paint, so there will be a lot more crappy posts about this topic.