hip hip hippo.

As you know, I am totally pumped about doing some new designs for Greetings by Grant, among other goals for this year. I have had folks ask me how I take Grant’s drawings and turn them into art on a tee or notecard. Well, you guys are going to get a peek at how the magic happens.

Grant begins with a sketch on paper, usually done in his all-time favorite tool, the Sharpie. He’s not particular on the color. I am proud to say this son of mine is a lover of all Sharpies, and would never discriminate.

Grant uses around 250 to 300 sheets of paper a week (yes, we recycle). I try to keep favorites before he throws it into the recycle bin. He does not like it at all if he sees me rooting around the bin, as those drawings are not up to his standards. The funny thing is, those are often my favorites because they have a tiny mistake that makes the drawing even more lovable.

Then, I use the sketch to create an image that can be colorized. More on that to come. The most important part of my job is to keep the integrity of his drawing.

So, here are two drawings that I am starting to work on for my April order. I will show you the process in more detail as I move forward.

This little guy was dubbed by Grant to be a “hip hip hippo.”

And I am thinking these guys are going to be “dino-mite!”

Stay tuned and you will see how I bring these cuties to life.


Greetings by Grant

It’s a new year, and I’ve been thinking about my little business, Greetings by Grant. Those of you who don’t know about Greetings by Grant, let me get you up to speed. It is my effort to showcase Grant’s art on tees, baby items and notecards. I started several years ago, although took last year off. I was feeling overwhelmed and needed the break.

I told myself that I was going to get back to Greetings by Grant this year. Because I love it. And it is important to me. So I am just need to find the time, find the energy, and do it. Because it matters.

I love to talk to people about Grant. I love to see people wearing his designs. People dig his art, plain and simple. And I am convinced it makes them think differently about what a handicap is, and way more importantly, what it isn’t. And that is the whole thing. That’s why I do it, this labor of love that is Greetings by Grant. His purpose on Earth is to share his gift, and I am pretty sure God picked me to be his mom so I could help him.

So I guess I better get off my ass.

So here is what I am putting in writing for you, my blog readers. And you have to hold me to it. I am starting work on new tee designs, and I am doing a new order in April. And I will do a few shows this summer, although I am going to be choosy because, after all, I’m not superwoman. And Grant, who is really the brains behind this operation, seems cool with that.

So first off for the spring is a parade of whimsical dinosaurs with silly, toothy grins and a baby hippo. Much more to come. But  I will need to talk to Grant about the warthogs he has been drawing all week. They just don’t have the marketable quality we’re looking for here at Greetings by Grant.

But what the hell do I know, I just work here.

And now, some of his old designs, but still some of my faves:

Sweet thing.

All right y’all, I won’t always be blogging about special needs parenting. I also love to talk about family fun on the cheap. Frugal is cool, after all.

So now is a good time to tell you about my addiction. Its name is cupcake. Lily and I had a Girls’ Day Sunday that included baking 4 dozen cupcakes. We used a red and pink theme in honor of American Heart Month coming up around the corner, and also, because we love pink. As I may have mentioned.

I only spent about $6 on this project. I needed two boxes of cake mix, one of which I had. (I used classic white and funfetti white). I needed two cans of icing, one in strawberry and one in classic vanilla (had a coupon). I already had pink and red sprinkles at home, but you can get a big container for about $1.29 at Wallie World. The wrapping paper I used came from the dollar spot at Target. For the trays, I re-used Christmas ones that we wrapped in the heart paper. We gave cupcakes to lots of friends!

Here are photos:

And here’s a picture of my other sweet thing:

The bingo bitch is my new BFF

There are a lot of things about myself that I wish I could change. I talk a lot, and loudly at that. I have weird germ-a-phobe quirks like I don’t like to touch my food with my hands, which means I eat things with a fork that other people don’t. Like cookies. Or cheeseburgers. I also have issues with directions, and have spent half my life somewhere lost. Seriously. Half.

But one thing about myself that I am most proud of is I don’t judge other people. Ever. Ever. I credit my mom with having ingrained this quality into me. She is the most open-minded and open-hearted person I know.

So what does all this have to do with anything, and who in the world is the Bingo Bitch? I am getting to that.

I found myself at the laundromat this afternoon after days of cooties had swept through the house, concluding with a stomach thing that was terrible. Yep, all manner of symptoms and illnesses were present and accounted for. And this meant that it was high time to wash all of the bedding including the comforters. So off to the laundromat I went.

Not to digress, but I have to say that I really dig the Laundromat. It’s really warm and cozy in there, and it smells super good with all its Downy April Fresh fabulousness. Plus there are lots of good magazines, and the hum of the dryers is quite relaxing. That and nobody in there asks me to get them a sippy of juice or wipe their bottom when I am in the middle of eating. (And I may very well grab myself a snack because did I mention they have candy machines in there too?)

So anyway, what kind of goes along with being non-judgmental is I tend to think everyone is my next undiscovered BFF, and thus they must be dying for me to strike up a conversation with them.( Actually, maybe this isn’t something to be proud of. When I say it like that it just sounds annoying.)

So there were two gals doing laundry when I arrived. And man, were they doing some laundry. They had almost every machine full. And they were obviously good friends, and seemed to be having a pretty good time, considering (although hell, who knows, maybe they also love the Laundromat). I did wonder if they might think I was a little strange if I were to just strike up a conversation with them, not that it stopped me or anything. But I will admit it crossed my mind. I mean, I was wearing my favorite fluffy pink scarf and flower clip in my hair with leggings and Uggs, and they, well, weren’t wearing that.  If I recall, one of the gals was wearing winter coveralls, kind of like a mechanic would wear, and the other gal had on house shoes and a tee shirt with “Bingo Bitch” on the back of it.

But they were super fabulous. I mean, they did seem a little surprised when I started chatting them up, but well, I am kind of loud and scary tall and all that pink can take some getting used to.

But if I was someone who judged others, and worse, didn’t want to be friends with people who weren’t just like me, I might not have talked to them. That would have been my loss.

Because you know what those two ladies were doing in there on a Saturday afternoon they had off work? They were doing laundry (34 loads) for an elderly couple that lived near them. The wife is overwhelmed caring for her husband who unfortunately is suffering from Alzheimer’s. And this poor wife had purchased a new washer and dryer set, but it was not working. (Which made us wonder if this poor woman wasn’t being taken advantage of because it was still under warranty and she had called the repair service line several times. Totally uncool to take advantage of sweet little old people, and it’s a good thing I had my fabulous new phone with internet because I jumped right on there and got another place she could call. Take that you grouchy meanie who wouldn’t help, you are no match for my new droid. And I got it for just such an occasion.)

So there you have it. A perfect example of why you should look at others not with a critical eye, but as a friend you haven’t made yet. And why you shouldn’t judge others because they don’t look like you do (and if you are almost six feet tall and love to wear pink glasses, scarves and flower pins, that would really narrow it down).

So the next time I need to wash our rugs or bedspreads, I hope I see my new friends at the Laundromat. Because I forgot to ask where she got that cool Bingo Bitch tee. I gotta get me one of those.

In pink, of course.