Sweet thing.

All right y’all, I won’t always be blogging about special needs parenting. I also love to talk about family fun on the cheap. Frugal is cool, after all.

So now is a good time to tell you about my addiction. Its name is cupcake. Lily and I had a Girls’ Day Sunday that included baking 4 dozen cupcakes. We used a red and pink theme in honor of American Heart Month coming up around the corner, and also, because we love pink. As I may have mentioned.

I only spent about $6 on this project. I needed two boxes of cake mix, one of which I had. (I used classic white and funfetti white). I needed two cans of icing, one in strawberry and one in classic vanilla (had a coupon). I already had pink and red sprinkles at home, but you can get a big container for about $1.29 at Wallie World. The wrapping paper I used came from the dollar spot at Target. For the trays, I re-used Christmas ones that we wrapped in the heart paper. We gave cupcakes to lots of friends!

Here are photos:

And here’s a picture of my other sweet thing:


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