hip hip hippo.

As you know, I am totally pumped about doing some new designs for Greetings by Grant, among other goals for this year. I have had folks ask me how I take Grant’s drawings and turn them into art on a tee or notecard. Well, you guys are going to get a peek at how the magic happens.

Grant begins with a sketch on paper, usually done in his all-time favorite tool, the Sharpie. He’s not particular on the color. I am proud to say this son of mine is a lover of all Sharpies, and would never discriminate.

Grant uses around 250 to 300 sheets of paper a week (yes, we recycle). I try to keep favorites before he throws it into the recycle bin. He does not like it at all if he sees me rooting around the bin, as those drawings are not up to his standards. The funny thing is, those are often my favorites because they have a tiny mistake that makes the drawing even more lovable.

Then, I use the sketch to create an image that can be colorized. More on that to come. The most important part of my job is to keep the integrity of his drawing.

So, here are two drawings that I am starting to work on for my April order. I will show you the process in more detail as I move forward.

This little guy was dubbed by Grant to be a “hip hip hippo.”

And I am thinking these guys are going to be “dino-mite!”

Stay tuned and you will see how I bring these cuties to life.


3 thoughts on “hip hip hippo.

  1. Carrie, thanks so much for your blogs about your wonderful Grant. I have a wonderful Grant too , he is a grandchild and is also autistic. He does a lot of writing but its not really approprate to print as he is into hard rock right now and tends to write about what he is hearing.at least for now thanks again Gloria

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