Grant’s Story

Grant’s story could fill a thousand blogs, so we’ll keep this short. He is a fabulous 10-year-old who loves to draw and take pictures, and grudgingly tolerates everything else. He is the talent behind our small business that showcases Grant’s art on youth and adult apparel, notecards and more. He won his first award at age 7 by the Arts Council of Southern Indiana. He continues to draw each and everyday.

Grant’s medical history is vast and, well, ridiculous. He is well past “enough, already.”

Diagnoses include: Austism spectrum disorder, seizure disorder, acute lymphoblastic leukemia (he is currently cancer-free), agenesis of the corpus callosum of the brain, immunodeficiency, hypercalcuria (kidney disorder) and probably a few more.

He began therapies at the tender age of 16 weeks. He is developmentally delayed in many areas, probably because he is too busy focusing on the stuff he really cares about. He loves animals, and visited the San Diego Zoo for his Make-a-Wish trip. Social cues befuddle him, and he truly marches to his own beat. But to meet him is to love him. He just kinda makes you a better person. Not that he cares.


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